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PostSubject: FORUM GUIDELINES!   FORUM GUIDELINES! EmptyThu Feb 21, 2008 6:12 am

As admin for this site, i have to keep within certain guide lines. I have read alot of posts on here that are seen as offensive, that use profanities and are generally not for public viewing.

For these reasons i am now in the process of removing/editing such posts, and all forums/topics have been set so ONLY MEMBERS CAN POST (guests can still view and read). If you are not willing to put a name by your post, and politely interact, i will not allow you to post. Anyone that does decide to become a member and does not stick to the rules, will have their account deleted and IP address barred.

This is a football forum for the Hearts of Oak team, all involved with the running of the team, friends and fans, and i expect it to be treated as such from here on in.

The better half of the Williams duo.
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